´╗┐Scripps Ranch residents are the heart of our community. Even when they are no longer with us, we want to remember the mark they leave on this community. Therefore, we want to provide a Remembrance page so residents can come together and recall special times with those who have passed. This space is about honoring the memories of our Scripps Ranch residents, a place to memorialize their contributions to our neighborhoods, and an opportunity to share tributes about the person whom we all remember in our prayers. To start a page for someone, please submit a photo and/or information to

Lowell Walter Giffhorn 04 October 2019
Colonel Bob Dingeman 05 May 2019
Eugene Paul Gordon 17 October 2017
Judith Arleen Greely Gabriel 31 March 2017
Whitney Joy Engler 27 March 2015
John George Petit 20 August 2013
Chris Cox 02 December 2014
Patsy R. "Gresham" Nuckols 08 December 2014
John Ralph Garbutt, Jr. 09 January 2014
John L.Hofmockel 12 October 2013